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Attract more customers to your website with Tepe SEO company.

Stay ahead of the competition by staying at the top of Google with our proven strategy.

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How We Help Your Business

Grow your customer base

We enable more customers to come to your company's website, products and services.

Increasing Your Income

You will see your company's revenue increase thanks to customers who visit your website and buy your products and services.

Regular Reports

We regularly send reports to our customers to share their Google ranking changes and information that needs attention.

What do they say about us?

  • As someone who has founded 3 startups, I have personally experienced that the most challenging issue is SEO work. After working with 6 different freelancers and companies, we met with Tepeseo and finally started to get results. Tepeseo employees embraced our work as if they were our company's employees and made it easier for us to find new customers by enabling us to rise to the top even on difficult pages. We sincerely thank you for everything.
    Tacettin TirasTacettin TirasCo-Founder - Orginsight & Co.
  • "We moved up to the first page in many keywords, with our most critical keyword about our industry in the first place within the time frame they envisaged. While doing SEO service research, we were a little worried at the beginning of the work as we received feedback that it is difficult to achieve success on sites edited with Wix, but our website is in the rankings thanks to Tepe SEO. It has reached a very good point. They never spare their support regarding the issues we consult and the problems we encounter outside the scope of SEO studies. We would like to thank the entire Tepe SEO team, especially Mr. Giray and Mr. Erhan, for their interest and efforts."
    Baris GreengrocerBaris GreengrocerCo-Founder | Architect - All Render
  • "In line with my preliminary meetings with Mr. Giray from Tepe SEO agency, they reported to us all the details of our newly established website, they stated that the SEO infrastructure was not as desired and we started our work. In the operation part, we showed up on the first page with the right directions in a very short time in line with Mr. Erhan's directives. I would also like to thank them for answering my questions sincerely and guidingly, regardless of time. I recommend Tepe SEO agency with peace of mind to those who want to get consultancy for SEO studies, which are indispensable in trade."
    Senan GungorSenan GungorForeign Trade Manager - Park Dizayn
  • As the founder of NFS Facility Management, we have created a business line that has not been done in Turkey until now and which is very difficult to coordinate. Our Service was excellent, but we had a problem and no one could reach us. Even if the full name of our website was written on Google, the company's contact information could not be reached. And that's when we met Gira. He took us to the first page in Google rankings for the keyword we wanted in just 4-5 months. This has led to both the visibility of our brand and the increase in our awareness, thus increasing our business. He is more knowledgeable than his truly expert competitors. As time passed, I met with many SEO people, but I could not find a comment from any of them that could truly achieve quality business results. If you really want to increase your visibility, Giray can be a real blessing for you. Love. Poyraz DAMARLI / NFS FACILITY SERCIVES -MANAGER.
    Poyraz VeinedPoyraz VeinedFounder - NFS Management Systems
  • Tepe SEO is the right, professional and disciplined address for those who want to have a presence in the digital world and increase their brand awareness.
  • It is one of the rare companies that does its job in the most accurate and short time in this dirty market of the event called SEO. I am very satisfied and I would definitely recommend it to companies that want to get SEO services for their brands. We thank you.
    Onur IldizOnur IldizGeneral Manager - Unique Education
  • We would like to thank the esteemed Tepe SEO company and its employees, from whom we received SEO services. Indeed, as said, you have upgraded our site to the status we want on Google in the time you gave it. It is a great honor to meet and work with a reliable company like you. After that, you are our SEO company.
    Arzu DincsoyluArzu DincsoyluFounding Partner - Turkey Promotion Information Technologies
  • Thanks to Tepe Seo, we are always at the top of Google searches. People reaching out to me and wanting to work with me intensified. The biggest architect of this situation is the Tepe Seo family. Thank you very much for all your efforts and your support :) we have risen to the top in a short time and I am very satisfied with this service.. :) I recommend and tell everyone around me! Thanks everyone :)
    Suay DoganaySuay Doganayviolinist
  • “Thanks to the work done by Giray and his team, our site, which appeared on the 14th page of the search results, ranked first on the first page. This work was completed in a short period of 3 months, I would like to thank him and his team and recommend it to everyone.”
    OwlOwl Tour Gratis Istanbul
  • "If you want your website to be at the top of the search engines and to be visited more, I recommend you to work with Tepe SEO. You will be happy to work with Tepe SEO, both with its expertise in this subject and its approach that reassures customers."
    Tatyana ProctorTatyana ProctorSeattle SEO Expert, Mobile website optimization, SMM.


Some companies that prefer to work with us

Get Your Website's Free SEO Report!

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We provide support for your site to be on the first pages and to increase traffic with the keywords specially selected for your website, all on-site and off-site SEO work, and optimization that proceeds in coordination with the Google algorithm.

PPC - Google Ads

In addition to the organic traffic to be gained with SEO, we increase the possibility of your website to receive interaction in both cases with our effective Google Ad management. 

Content Production

We carry out content development and content marketing activities in the SEO process with our writers who know how much Google loves the content and produce SEO-friendly special, high-level and effective content for your website accordingly.

Our Results Are In The Middle

Best SEO firm 

best seo company


What should you consider to choose the right SEO firm?

After moving your business or institution to the digital world, you need to cooperate with an SEO agency to ensure your awareness and achieve the goals you want to achieve over the internet. SEO strategies to be prepared are of vital importance in order to reach the potential user base, gain new customers and turn them into a loyal audience. In order to attract more customers to your company's website and increase your income, you should be at the top of Google and have proven itself in the industry for this. best SEO firm You should work with Unfortunately nowadays search engine optimization SEO studies done by people or companies that do not have the expertise do more harm than good to many businesses. As a result of faulty studies, websites face the risk of not being found in search engines and losing their place. For this reason, there are some points that you should pay attention to before choosing the SEO company you will cooperate with.

Here's what you need to know when choosing an SEO agency!

1- Choose companies that can prove SEO success

A company that advertises on SEO and trusts SEO experts must have references. However, you should also pay attention to this: Some people or companies may include brand names for which they do not do SEO work in their references. Therefore, before choosing a company, you should definitely examine the comments made about the company on the internet. It is possible to find many comments about SEO companies on SEO and webmaster forums.

2- Don't listen to dry promises

One of the biggest problems in the SEO industry is trust and lies. We can say that some people or agencies sell hope to their customers with dry promises. Abusing customers by taking advantage of their SEO vulnerabilities can be one of the attitudes you may encounter in the SEO industry. In addition, unfounded promises such as “You will gain many customers” can also be made. However, success metrics in SEO studies are organic traffic, time spent on the site and new audience gained. Promises of "we are on the first page for like 2-3 months" are completely unfounded or a harbinger of bad SEO studies.

3- Understand well what they will do for you

Another feature of corporate companies is that they can share everything with their customers. They give confidence thanks to detailed reporting both before and during the work process and after. If they are poor quality agencies or institutions, they can make false promises even if you have a small budget. What this means is to make your site rise for a short time by resorting to bad SEO practices called hacklinks and to deceive you. As a result of this type of work, you can experience huge losses with algorithmic penalties.

4- Communication with the SEO company

A  Search Engine Optimization agency it may be new and therefore not have many references. In this case, it is necessary to meet with the expert or experts of the SEO company and have information about their experience.

As a result, for a good SEO company, you should prefer agencies with a corporate operation. You can reach your goals in the digital world with agencies that do not make false promises, can prepare the most appropriate SEO strategy, provide detailed reports, and will not avoid recommendations for you.

As Tepe SEO, our aim is to provide the above services to our customers in the best possible way. We enable you to stay ahead of the competition by finding your website on Google and making it appear in the top positions. We would like to share our free consultation and analysis of your website with you, so that your company's website appears at the top of searches. Fill out our discovery form and we'll show you how we can grow your business.


Stop losing your customers to your competitors



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